Tuesday, April 9, 2013

365 Days Of Memories Take FOUR - Day 98

April is Aspergers and Autism Awareness Month
I'm amazed every day that this little baby (my godson) has grown up to become...
This amazing 8-year-old young man...

- He's funny, sensitive and loves his little sister infinitely.
- He loves to read and can read outloud using more inflection and voices than most storytellers who've practiced for years.
- He draws awesome pictures and tells elaborate stories.
- He helps make pancakes when he stays over at our house and refuses to tell me the secret ingredient that goes in the batter (even though I know it's whipped cream!).
- He loves geography and can tell you more about most countries in the world than I can.
- He's good at math and spelling and history.
- He loves to ride his scooter and play basketball.
Oh... and he has aspergers.
 But you wouldn't know it...
Not really.
Children aren't defined by their disabilities,
they are defined by their ABILITIES.
Let us not forget this.

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