Saturday, April 20, 2013

365 Days of Memories Take Four! -- Day 109

Like so many I have been at a complete loss for words this week...
This song speaks volumes to what this world has become though;
Copyright 2013.
All Rights Reserved.
*Hey this is God,
could I please have your attention?
There's a need for intervention,
man I'm disappointed in what I'm seeing.
Yeah this is God,
You fight each other in my name,
treat life like it's a foolish game,
Well I say, you've got the wrong idea.
This is God,
I've given everything to you,
Oh but look at what you do to the world that I created.

This is God,
What's with this attitude and hate,
you've grown more ignorant with age.
You had it made, now look at all you've wasted...
Oh all I'm asking for is love
I've seen you hurt yourselves enough.
Oh I've been waiting on a change in you.
I know your every thought,
your heart and soul, your every move.
There are so many consequences to the things you do.
Oh all I'm asking for is love,
haven't you hurt yourselves enough?
Oh I've been waiting on a change in you...
This is God.*
-- Phil Vassar --

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

What a perfect song for recent events...