Wednesday, March 28, 2012

365 Days Take Three! -- Day Eighty-Eight

Copyright 2012.  March 27th in Richmond.
All Rights Reserved.

"Ain't no rhyme or reason, no complicated meaning,
Ain't no need to overthink it,
let go laughin'.
Life don't go quite like you planned it,
we try so hard to understand it.
Irrefutable, indisputable fact is....

It happens."

-- Sugarland --

Spring has sprung and once again I'm far behind on keeping up with things.  It's been beautiful the past few weeks and I've simply enjoyed watching the seasons change (or rather, not really since we never had much of a winter).

March 14th marked one year since my melanoma diagnosis... I think if I've learned one thing in the past year, it would be that life is pretty darn amazing.  Even when it's not going exactly the way you want it to... even when it seems like things aren't ever gonna go your way, even then, it's worth it.  All of it!

One day you'll watch the seasons change, feel the sunshine on your face, the breeze against your skin and you'll remember how lucky you are.  I get those feelings a lot more now than I ever did before and I'm so grateful for the chance.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the amazing photography on this blog!

Rachel said...

Thank you so much :) I need to get back into taking "real" pictures again, but it's been a very busy time in my life! Hopefully soon!!