Saturday, January 21, 2012

365 Days Take Three! -- Day Twenty-One

"Missing Winter"

Copyright 2009.  Definitely not this winter.
All Rights. Reserved.

This year is so... odd.  It doesn't seem like winter, and yet... not spring.  It's not fall or summer either, just, odd.  I would welcome snow right now and I wish away the strange January tornadoes.  The thermometer reads 40 degrees but the wind is so bitter it feels much colder than any 40 I've felt before.  The sun shines sometimes and warms things to comfortable, but then other days it's gray and cold and yet... the ground remains a mushy brown instead of what would be a comforting white.

We packed up Christmas late this year.  I put away my tree just last night and a part of me wanted to leave it forever.  There's something about losing someone you love that makes you want to hold on to these times a little longer.  Christmas has always been a time of family and love, this year it was at least, for the most part, a time of great loss.  And so, to hold on just a little longer felt right.

Now if winter could just come.

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