Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Heart Faces -- Friendship Challenge :)

*Sometimes being a brother
is even better
than being a Superhero.*
-- Marc Brown

*The highlight of my childhood
was making my brother laugh so hard
that food came out his nose!*
-- Garrison Keillor

I saw that the challenge for this week was "Friendship" and this photo immediately sprang to my mind.  It takes me back to the early days of my godchildren's lives when Caydence was born and Connor simply refused to even acknowledge her existence.  To the fear we had that he would ever really grow to love his sister and not to be constantly frustrated by her.  Frustrated by her every movement and noise.  And now... we see from the photo above (and of course from every day life) that we had nothing to worry about at all.  The love between these two is what we call "crazy love!"  They make each other laugh daily... they make US laugh daily, and they are definitely true friends in every sense of the word. 

In this photo Caydee had just sneak attacked her big brother with a kiss and this was the reaction :)


Kara Abbey said...

haha sneak attack kiss eh? definitely adorable :D

Gina said...

This is so precious. The moment captured is spot on! Nice job! Makes me smile. :)

Becky Smith said...

What a darling picture!! Love the expressions, especially.

That brother/sister love is so complicated, funny, sweet, and enduring.