Sunday, August 14, 2011

365 Days Take Two! -- Day Forty-Seven

Copyright 2011.  Seagull over the ocean - June in Nags Head.
All Rights Reserved.

*I wanna sleep under a different piece of sky,
I wanna live a little before I die.
I wanna be so close to Heaven I see angels...

Angel carry me, oh so far away,
may my body never touch the ground.
And if I promise you that I'll be back someday,
Will you set me free so I can fly away?

Fly away... fly away...
Fly away... fly away.*

-- Sugarland --

The tragedy in Indiana (link below) is weighing heavily on my mind tonight.  I have been to so many concerts and will even be going to a Boyz II Men concert at the Kentucky State Fair on Friday... I know the pure adrenaline and joy that you feel when you get to spend the hours singing and dancing to one of your favorite bands.  I simply cannot imagine the fear... the saddness that everyone who was there must have been feeling.  Still must be feeling.

But mostly, I watch the videos they show on the news and can only cry, because, it is moments like these, when people are suffering and the world around us seems to be falling apart, that you can truly see the best in people.  Watch the videos... the reactions of the crowd to run towards the stage to help instead of away from the pain and mess.  To stay there when most would want to get out.  To stay and try to do anything possible to ease the suffering.

It truly speaks of human compassion.

My prayers are with everyone involved.

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