Saturday, June 4, 2011

365 Days Take Two! -- Day Thirty-four

As of late tomorrow afternoon...
this will be my view for two glorious weeks.

Copyright 2010.  Nags Head, NC
All Rights Reserved.

*There are windows to the galaxies,
and hallways to the past,
there are trapdoors to the future,
and an ancient splintered mast.

There are relics from Apollo's trips
when earthmen came to play,
and a hammock from a distant star
out on the Milky Way.

He's the admiral of the ocean,
the lone eagle of the sky.
He gave me my first sextant
and he taught me how to fly.

I saw him through my telescope
on a cloudless night in June
as he rested between voyages
at his beach house on the moon.*

-- Jimmy Buffett --

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