Friday, June 21, 2013

365 Days of Memories Take Four - Day 171

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Nags Head, NC.
*All the noise and the voices are screaming what they have to say.
And the headlines and sound bytes are giving me demons to hate.
And the man on tv, he tells me it's ugly but if you ask me,
It's a beautiful world,
It's a beautiful world.
Oh there's tears and there's fears and there's losses and crosses to bare.
And sometimes the best we can do is just to whisper a prayer,
and press on because, there's so much to live for and so much to love...
In this beautiful world.
Say what you will, but I still believe
it's a beautiful world.
And I know, I'm not dreaming it.
I just choose to believe in it.
So I hate that I sometimes miss what's right in front of my eyes.
And I know at the end of my road I'll be wanting more time.
Just another sunset, one more kiss from my baby, a smile from a friend...
In this beautiful world.

Say what you will but I still believe,
It's a beautiful world.*
-- Dierks Bentley and Patty Griffin --

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Yes yes. It's a beautiful world indeed :-)