Friday, November 25, 2011

365 Days Take Two! -- Day Seventy-Three

An easy holiday craft :)
Ribbon Ornament

I made this ornament today -- it only took about 30-45 minutes to complete and I love how it turned out :)


1.  You will need a round styrofoam ball (any size - I chose the 4 1/2 inch size) which can be purchased at your local craft stores (I bought all supplies at Michaels), a container of straight pins (I prefer the ones without the colored ends) and 5 or 6 different coordinating ribbons of varying sizes -- again, purchased at Michaels - total cost of ribbon was approx. .35 per each because of the great deals!

2. Cut your ribbons into 3 inch strips.  The white snowman ribbon below had wire on each side -- I removed the wire to make it easier to use.

3.  Begin by looping each piece of ribbon and sticking it to the styrofoam with a straight pin (sometimes the wider ribbons need another pin added once you've gotten it placed where you want it.) Arrange the ribbons on the styrofoam ball in any manner you wish.

Finished product!
You can add a hanger at the end by cutting a longer strand of ribbon (approx. 8-10 inches) and pinning it with 4 or 5 straight pins into the top of your ornament.

Have fun!!!


Unknown said...

AWESOME! Love this idea. Definitely looks like it was much more difficult to make. Thanks for the inspiration.

I also pinned this at

Rachel said...

Thanks Storm!
I had so much fun making these that I've made several now for various gifts. They're pretty simple and such fun to see the outcome. I'll admit when I firsted started them I didn't think they'd turn out as cute.

And thank you for pinning! I am a pinterest addict myself and actually intended to make one of the many ribbon wreaths I'd seen pinned, but when I went to the store the day before thanksgiving they had no sytrofoam wreaths left. That's when I thought, "HEY! I wonder if ornaments would be cute..." and luckily they are. ;)

Thanks again!

Becky Smith said...

I admire anyone who is as crafty as you. Beautiful job!

And I absolutely love the photos you've been posting. You've got a great eye!

Anonymous said...

cute idea but what's to stop the pins pulling out?

April said...

The pins will usually stay the first time they are pushed in. You could always dip the pin in glue first for extra security.

Judy said...

This is an awesome idea! I don't know why I didn't think of this because my granddaughter and I made this type thing with a Christmas tree shaped piece of foam and ribbon!! I love the ornament! Thanks for the great idea!! AND, your choices of ribbon are spot-on!