Friday, September 2, 2011

365 Days Take Two! -- Day Fifty-Four

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There are no quotes that can adequately describe what I'm feeling today.  When I came home from work this afternoon, it was to the news that the wonderful, kind and amazing doctor who has cared for me and performed all four of my surgeries since my melanoma diagnosis in March, was killed as she was leaving her office last night.  My heart breaks... for her family, her friends, her co-workers... for us.  Her patients.  She is not a doctor who can be easily replaced, but was instead the kind of doctor everyone would hope to have.  Not only did she always remember who I was... but she always remembered things from conversations we'd had at past appointments.  It was clear she wasn't just looking at my chart... it was clear that she cared.

I can't even begin to imagine why this happened... why things like this ever happen.  But I pray for her husband and her children...

that's all that I can do.

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