Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day Twenty -- What it means to be a Kentuckian in March!

Photo taken by me -- All UK images are trademark of the University of Kentucky

“Well if you’re going to be in a tournament, you want to win it. But our whole thing is that it’s bigger and it’s more important than winning. We’ve got to get ourselves prepared for that next weekend and that’s what we’ll do. Basically everything we do is based on how and where we finish the season. We’re trying to get ready and right physically and emotionally, and in every way so we can go in and do our very best. If you are your best and you do not win, then you can deal with it, as long as you’re your best. I want fresh legs. I want fresh minds. I want a competitive spirit. I want the players to expect to win so that when things get a little crazy, it’s ok. That takes a mature person. They don’t call a foul, ‘Oh well, we’re still winning.’ A player starts talking, ‘Oh well, we’re still winning.’ These kids are 19, they don’t know how to react when things get thrown at them. The good news is we’ve gone through just about everything, and we’re still standing.”

-- University of Kentucky Coach John Calipari

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